Nature's Wildest Weapons (2017)

Sinopsis - Información:

Te contamos un poco de que va Nature's Wildest Weapons... The animal kingdom possesses a fearsome arsenal - a variety of extreme weapons used in epic battles to gore, stab, crush and batter. But are they more than just instruments of deadly force? For Professor Doug Emlen, it has been his lifetime's ambition to discover the secrets of nature's arms races, what triggers them and what they can teach us about the most formidable weapons on earth - our own.. Para poder ver Nature's Wildest Weapons online completa puedes usar servicios como Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO, usar programas como emule o torrent o verla en cines. La fecha de estreno de Nature's Wildest Weapons online fue el 2017-04-18 y su duración aproximada es de 58 minutos.


Peter Fison


Peter Fison

Actores principales:

Nina Sosanya y Doug Emlen